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Let God Wins the Audience Favorite Award at TAFF 2014.

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Let God Poster(April 5, 2014) After counting all the ballots where audience members of TAFF voted on their favorite film of the festival, TAFF announced that Let God has won the Audience Favorite Award at TAFF 2014. This adds to the list of awards that Let God won this year to include:

  • Best Film
  • Best Feature
  • Audience Favorite
  • Best Director (William Parker)
  • Best Female Performance (Jasmin Jandreau)

Let God Adds More Awards to its List

In addition, Let God won both “Best Feature” and “Best Actress” honors at the 2013 Breckenridge Film Festival. Let God was also an official selection at the 2013 Gideon Film Festival and has earned the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for any age. “This is a terrific Story!” said the Dove Foundation. “The writer/director (WIlliam Parker) and leading actress Jasmine Jandreau, as Amelia, somehow manage to make this story of survival a powerful movie about trials and a faith that overcomes all odds…You will enjoy watching this one. Don’t miss it!”

Thank You for a Wonderful TAFF 2014

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TAFF StaffHey all!

We here at TAFF wish to thank all the filmmakers, TAFF STAFF, Alamo Drafthouse and, of course, you all for the wonderful response to TAFF 2014. What a year! We went from thinking there was no way we could do another fest to the best fest ever!

We are so grateful to the Lord and are lifting up prayers of praise and thanks as we speak.

We are all pretty tuckered out and so TAFF will take time to rest and recover and reconnect with (our much-neglected as of late) families. I’m going to the beach to just sit and recharge. Maybe I’ll come back. Maybe not . . . Just kidding. I’ll be back . . . eventually.

We want to thank each and every one of you who came to our screenings and to the FEST itself for your support, your funds and your kind hearts throughout the year. You have made the world of difference to this ministry and to me personally. MC group? I am talking to you! You know who you are. Thank you so much!

As we gear up for another year, please consider helping fund TAFF. We once again will face funding issues. If you believe this ministry can make a difference in spreading the Gospel throughout the city, we need you on board.

Have a great summer!
Jamee Kennedy


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TAFF is so honored to announce filmmaker Jeremy Rodgers as this year’s WAYMAKER FUND recipient.


Congratulations Jeremy! Job well done.

Jeremy has participated in several TAFF events, and this year has submitted a short documentary into the festival, called Where We Belong. You can see Jeremy’s work in TAFF 2014 in film Block 5.

TAFF WAYMAKER FUND sponsored by Mark and Marj McClain

The way to GodA large part of TAFF’s mission is to support and empower talented Christian filmmakers to make the films God has called them to make. They often struggle with funding and support. In order to gather this support, filmmakers will often make a short film with the hopes of turning the same short into a longer version. In some cases, this never happens or It may take years to accomplish.

So, in light of this, TAFF has created the WAYMAKER FUND. The Waymaker Fund is a cash award that assists a deserving filmmaker to make a feature length film out of a successful short film. This year Mark and Marj McClain, long time supporters of TAFF, are sponsoring the award. Thanks Mark and Marj for making this possible.

TAFF 2014 UPDATE as of March 1st

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Well, TAFF 2014’s Competition is almost upon us. Wow. Time really flies. But we have been busily preparing and I have to say that God has gone before us. And He is behind us. We have had an incredible turn of events. We have amazing films, and just a wonderful Glorius God. It has been one miracle after another in the midst of swirling chaos.

NEW VENUE Alamo Drafthouse Lakeline Location

First off, we are changing venues for the fest. We are not going to be at Alamo Drafthouse-Village. (It’s a long story that we will tell you about someday. It’s pretty cool.)

We will be at the new, larger and wonderful Alamo Drafthouse – Lakeline at 14028 N US Highway 183, Austin, Texas 78717 (map). It’s a bit of a trek out there for some of you Central and South Austin folks, so plan accordingly for Friday night traffic – up 183 – in Austin Tx. I am laughing sarcastically as I write this. Seriously, be patient and kind in traffic.

The great news about changing locations is that the venue is brand new. It has better equipment, more seats, larger lobby space, better parking and the same yummy food and wonderful service. So we are definitely counting our blessings.


dates-taffThe films this year are the best ever! We’re really looking forward to screening them. From Switchfoot’s new, seeker-friendly, doc, Fading West, to Linsanity, the amazing Jeremy Lin story, to the stunning Award Winner, The Trail – all are captivating. We will also screen many wonderful short films including the hilarious, The Audition and New Year’s Resolution. These little shorts had our judges falling out of their chairs laughing while still speaking truth about how we live our lives and the impact we have for Christ on others. Don’t miss em!

Look for your favorite film selection’s screening times on our schedule page (click here to see the schedule) on the TAFF website on March 1st.

Speaking of schedule, since we will be at a theater venue this year, we have had to do thing a little differently in terms of scheduling as well. Since most folks start getting numb backsides after sitting for more than 2 hours we have arranged our screenings in blocks of time (just like a real movie theater schedule!)

Each block will screen 1 feature length film and a short (or two) with Q and A sessions for attending filmmakers of each film in that block. At the end of the block, the theater has to be cleaned and everyone -per health code rules- is required to leave the theater. And then we start all over again for each and every block. You will not be allowed to leave your stuff or save seats if you are coming back to the theater for the next block. It will work just like a real movie theater experience.

So, make finding seats easier, you will be able to buy RESERVED Seating – but online only. You will also be able to purchase several blocks, with Reserved Seating, and an ALL ACCESS pass. So all that to say, we STRONGLY encourage you to purchase tickets online beginning.

Of course tickets can be purchased the door as well – but only if the block still has seats available. So buy early and save yourself a seat!

Jamee Kennedy

TAFF Shorts Showcase During SXSW March 10

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Come Join us for the last public screening before TAFF 2014

Buy Tickets

Alamo Drafthouse, 2700 W Anderson Lane is once more the venue for our final public “Soul Series Screening”. For $5, you can watch all of your favorite shorts from past festivals. Invite a friend, and make this an evening you won’t forget!


HERO (Click here for more info)
SYNOPSIS: A 12 year-old girl who has lost everything including her belief in heroes is challenged by a Doctor to hope.
CAUTION: This film contains intense situations. Viewer discretion is advised.

Ask yourself . . . Adoption is the focus of this film. How is adoption perceived by the girl in this film?



HARVEST (Click here for more info)
SYNOPSISA world-weary farmhand encounters strange and prophetic events that cause him to question his outlook and destiny. Could there really be a better way?

Ask yourself . . .What visual images represent Heaven in this film?



ONE ON ONE (Click here for more info)
TAFF RATING-PG-(for adult situations)

SYNOPSIS: Sarah a runaway teen, with no faith in heroes, has a chance encounter with a certain mild manner reporter.

Ask yourself . . . The male lead in this film is a well-known and beloved fictional character. How does this fictional character reflect Christ’s love for us?



THE RIDE (Click here for more info)
TAFF RATING-PG (for intense situations)
SYNOPSIS: On Christmas Eve a bored taxi driver cautiously engages in the life of a despondent passenger. If you are interested in screening this film at your church please contact Harvest Bible Chapel at

Ask yourself . . . How is God’s extraordinary love represented visually in this film?



JUMP SHOT (Click here for more info)
The inspiring life of Kenny Sailors, the inventor of the modern day Basketball jump shot is chronicled. But what Kenny truly values after reflecting upon his successful career may surprise you.
Read more about the Waymaker Fund at

Ask yourself . . . What makes Kenny’s testimony so powerful?



JATKU LEIBA – May We Always Have Bread (Click here for more info)
SYNOPSIS: A hard working waitress struggles to put food on the table. But one simple act of kindness makes all the difference In her life.

Ask yourself . . . What small thing can you do tonight to share Christ’s love with a stranger.



STATIC (Click here for more info)
SYNOPSIS: A young girl struggles to reconnect with her astronaut father. As he soars through the atmosphere and orbits the Earth, she is reminded of his love for her.
Read more about The Rising Star Award at

Ask yourself . . . Why is the father radio silent in this film for so long?



FALLING PLATES (Click here for more info)
This stunningly beautiful film tells the story of Christ’s love for man through images of sin, separation, and sacrifice.
Read more about the TAFFY AWARD at

Ask yourself . . . Who can you share this film with on the web?



MOST (Click here for more info)
TAFF RATING-PG-13 (for intense situations and drug use)

SYNOPSIS: This is one of the TAFF team’s favorite films of all time. Nominated for an Oscar in 2009, this beautiful allegory of the Gospel tells the story of a loving father who must make a very difficult choice to save unsuspecting people from certain disaster. Watch carefully as this film contains images and moments of God’s unending love for us.
Most has never competed at TAFF. However, the producers of the film graciously allow us to screen it from time to time with special permission. We feel this film is everything we look for in a film. It’s beautiful cinematography, extraordinary performances and writing, and Gospel allegory are the gold standard in our book.

Ask yourself . . . The people on the train are visual representations of the human experience. Can you identify what they represent?
Who is the woman on the street that the Dad calls to? What does he want from her?

TAFF 2014 Announces Selected Films

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After another year of viewing wonderful films, The Attic Film Fest is announcing it’s line-up for this year’s fest. TAFF would like to thank all of the filmmakers who submitted to this year’s festival. As we are moving the venue to the iconic Alamo Drafthouse (Lakeline Mall Location).


  • Return to Mogadishu: Remembering Black Hawk Down
  • Fading West
  • Linsanity
  • A Cry From Iran
  • Living Hope
  • Where We Belong


  • Smitty
  • The Trail
  • Jimmy
  • Human People

Short Films

  • Charismata
  • New Year’s Resolution
  • Searching Serenity
  • Clip
  • Never Too Late
  • Harper Abbott
  • Salt
  • Direction
  • Thomas
  • St Paul Speaks Philippians
  • Something More
  • Heartfall
  • The Audition
  • Common Ground
  • Unburden

Student Films

  • Love Has Wings
  • No Compromise
  • Cardboard

NOAH Movie Coming Soon!

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Click on image to watch the official trailer

Click on image to watch the official trailer

Word on the new film Noah, starring Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson is that it is a visually stunning retelling of the story of Noah’s Ark. There has been some criticism that the film takes license with the Bible’s version. Here are a few sections of an article appearing in Christian News online.

“A new Hollywood epic on the life of Noah has stirred controversy among Christians, Jews and others who have pre-screened the film, as they state that the movie largely leaves out one important foundation: the Bible.”

The dialogue indicates that this is indeed a retelling of the story but not an exact version. Some of the dialogue and characterizations are indeed not biblical. But that does not make it a bad film. It just makes the film, a film, and not the Bible. But God can and does use films to spread His Gospel. So before you go see it, bear in mind that Noah will most probably be a film that inspires folks to check out what the Bible says about Noah and the Flood. And frankly, if it gets folks to read a Bible, well, that’s ok with me. Seeds that are small have the potential to grow tremendous harvest. Go see it and you be the judge.

Here is an example of some of the dialogue:

“Man corrupted this world and filled it with violence, so he must be destroyed,” Methuselah explains to Noah, who has a dream of “death by water.”

As Noah begins to build an ark, he becomes the enemy of his brother-in-law Tubal-Cain. He tells Tubal-Cain to build his own ark, or die trying to take his.

“You don’t know your king,” Tubal-Cain asserts. “I have men at my back, and you stand alone and defy me?”

“I’m not alone,” Noah replies confidently.


Jamee Kennedy


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HIPS-posterHey, everyone! I want to thank all of you who attended the Hiding In Plain Sight screening on Nov 12. It was a wonderful night for TAFF, the Filmmaker M. Legend Brown and cast, and, I hope, for you all as well. It felt to us as if the Holy Spirit descended upon Alamo Drafthouse and just camped there for the duration of the event. Guys, we had 95 seats to fill and exactly 95 folks in ‘em. Only God. All Glory goes to him. We had folks hanging out in the lobby afterwards for over 45 minutes just wanting to connect with this sweet filmmaker and cast.

It was incredible to see such strong support from the Austin Christian community. As Jen Cumberbatch, our wonderful Q and A Moderator, said, “It was amazing to look upon the diverse nature of the crowd. It looks a little like what Heaven must look like.” I don’t know about you, but that sweet comment alone, made my night and confirmed that the Lord was in that theatre with us.

We feel so blessed to have been a part of this evening. All of the Glory must go to God. But you, our faithful supporters, also deserve thanks. We were expecting about 45 folks, at best. And then you all started coming in the door. And you just kept coming in. The cast did not even have a place to sit! They were happy to give up their seats and go have dinner. As our lovely TAFF Host Laurinda Rohrer joked, “But it’s ok. They have seen the film before.”

So we thank you for your support, your generosity, your kindness, and your faithfulness. We thank you for eating tons of Alamo Drafthouse Food (which allowed us to have a discounted venue rental rate. Please keep it up!) and we thank you for your patience as we learn how to best serve you in this ministry.

Our next screening is Dec 9th at 7pm at Alamo Drafthouse – Village Location on Anderson Lane (same place). We will be screening two films. First up, starting promptly at 7:05pm, the BEST FILM of 2013’s competition THE RIDE-PG (for intense situations). This is a wonderful film that allows us to explore what one ordinary person can do to impact the life of another for Christ.

Then Jen Cumberbatch will again host a Q and A Session with director Dallas Jenkins and Actor Kirk Woller (The Taxi Driver in The Ride).

TAFF 2013’s FAMILY FILM AWARD winner WHAT iF . . . PG will screen following the Q and A. What if . . . stars Kevin Sorbo (Conan, Soul Surfer), John Ratzenberger (Cheers, Toy Story) and Kristy Swanson (Early Edition, Psych) and is an exploration of the life choices we are given and the consequences of the decisions we make. The film’s themes are similar to the classic, It’s A Wonderful Life. It is a sweet and engaging film and you are sure to enjoy its humor, sweetness, and timely message.

After the second film, we are inviting everyone to walk across the parking lot to Cover 3 Restaurant for a very special informal Q and A with Dallas and Kirk. They have graciously agreed to hang out with the TAFF crowd and personally thank and meet all who attend. Again. Only God.

Read more about:

Dallas Jenkins at
Kirk Woller at

We are already starting to fill up seats. Please help us out by purchasing your tickets asap online. And thank you again for your support of TAFF. These two films, by the way, are perfect for non-churched neighbors, co workers, and friends. It is going to be a glorious night for the Gospel.

Jamee Kennedy


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Tom-Hanks-in-Captain-Phillips-2013-Movie-Poster-650x963So, I was blessed to see the new film Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks at a sneak preview last weekend. I highly recommend you see it as well. Beyond it being an extraordinary story of heroism and survival, Gospel themes abound! Before your read further, there are some reveals in this article that you may not want to know about before you see the film. So, fair warning.

The film is based on the 2009, real life capture of Captain Richard Phillips. Phillips was the Captain of the merchant marine vessel Maersk Alabama, that was hijacked by Somali pirates in international waters near the Cape of Africa. When all attempts to defeat the pirates fail, the Navy sends in Seal Team Six to rescue the Captain. Tom Hanks plays Phillips. Let me just say
Hanks performance is extraordinary. He is Captain Phillips. From the New Englander accent, to the goatee, he is Phillips. If this performance does not earn an Academy Award nomination, I will be very shocked.

This film is tense, captivating and completely fascinating. It is a study in the psychology of self-sacrifice, heroism and survival. There is violence to be sure, but it is not gratuitous, and thankfully sensitively handled. But what makes this film so special, is the conduct of the Captain. He willingly offers himself as a target and a hostage. And although he never loses sight of his captors as desperate, dangerous men, he offers medical aid and true concern for their well-being.

Phillips remains cool, calm and smart. He is cooperative and even helpful. But as the head Pirate, Muse’s intelligence and determination begin to surface, Phillip’s recognizes the desperate situation he is in. Muse is just as calm and cool as Phillips. He is unnervingly patient and calm. Muse’s life is examined in small bits and pieces. A line here and a line there begin to reveal the heart of this man. His line “I am the Captain now,” is downright chilling. He is a man who is trapped by the world’s economy and his own people. His choices are those of a person who has no hope. Yet, he remains hopeful that the capture will end well for all concerned. He is very determined to for his plan to succeed. As they speed toward Somalian waters in the Alabama’s tiny lifeboat, one thing becomes very clear. Muse is every bit the equal to Phillips.

The film has tons of parallels to the Gospel message. When you watch it, you will need to look beyond the intense drama-if you can. From the start of the film, Phillips is twitchy about the job. But he takes command of the vessel anyway. He makes sure his men are ready for any contingency. He protects them and puts them first. He sacrifices himself for them and gives them last minute instructions as he is being captured. He treats his captors with respect and, shows genuine concern and care for his enemy. Sound familiar? Phillip’s is clearly seen as a Messianic figure. And it could be argued that Muse is the embodiment of sin nature in man.

When the US Navy intervenes in the situation, Phillips tries to let his captors know that the Navy “cannot lose” in this situation. Muse understands the ramifications. And he counters with “I can not lose.” It smacks strongly of our human sin nature and how despite God’s abundant love, we put ourselves and our desires first. The Navy’s powerful presence is overwhelming. To the shock of the Pirates, the Navy knows everything about them. They flood the lifeboat with light and noise and although they are respectful and patient with the Somalians, they make it know what needs to be done to save Phillips. Muse knows the Navy is about to take control of the situation. When the Navy offers a gracious way out, Muse takes it-leaving his fellow captors to suffer the consequences of Seal Team Six’s expertise.

As Phillips desperately tries to write a goodbye note to his family, the three remaining captors begin to panic. They strip him, beat him, blindfold him, tie him and put a gun to his head. He cries out to the Navy for them to act-for them to end his ordeal. And Seal Team Six complies. And when it is over, he is covered with the blood of his captors. As he recovers on the Navy ship, gratefulness, grace and tears of joy rain from the screen and the audience. It is a truly beautiful scene that is allowed to run. We witness the healing process that trauma survivors must begin and weep with Phillips as he realizes that he is on his way home to his family. It is a marvel of a scene. It is a lesson that with the Lord where there is tragedy, there can be Grace. And where there is chaos, peace can abound. If you would like to share your comments about this film, we’d love to have em.

Jamee Kennedy


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silly-duckSo here’s a question. Why aren’t there more Christian comedies? What? God doesn’t have a sense of humor? Nothing funny ever happens to Christians? God created humor. He loves when we laugh. There are zillions of scripture references for joy and laughter. Even Issac’s name means “He laughs.”

Laughing is good for the body and the soul. I love to laugh. Most of my life is pretty dang funny. Hysterical stuff happens to me all the time. Like the time I went paddle boarding on Town Lake and this goofy duck hopped on my board and hitched a ride all the way to the Mopac bridge. I had folks coming up to us and asking if he was my pet duck! I have witnesses for that.

Families and friends that share in funny moments are cemented to each other. My son and daughter can recite Monty Python and the Holy Grail, accents and all, in its’ entirety. The family has heard all two hours of it on many a car trip. Trust me when you are driving through West Texas, by the time you get to Pecos, Monty Python becomes hilarious. Road signs are funny in Pecos. No offense to anyone in Pecos.

Watching my husband and one of his best friend’s banter is like watching Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters. When they start riffing no one can breath we’re laughing so hard.

Folks relax and walls come tumbling down when laughter is shared. When a film is funny, all kinds of discussion can happen. People naturally want to share in the comedy and connect. There is a natural affinity toward people you do not know when you are watching something funny. Here is a case in point. This summer my husband and I were blessed to attend a taping of The Late Show With David Letterman. The folks sitting next to us were strangers from Pennsylvania and New Jersey. By the end of the experience we were friends sharing our lives with each other and we were able to tell them about our church and this ministry. Laughing together at the same thing was the common ground.

The Cohen Brothers film, Oh Brother Where Art Thou? is another example. This film has strong Christian roots but it’s also really, really funny. It’s an homage to The Odyssey. But it has plenty of gorgeous down-home Gospel music, a baptism scene, open talk about salvation and the Bible, wonderful, quirky, strange characters and some of the funniest moments ever to grace the cinematic screen. The film was beloved by Christians audiences for its’ message of redemption, wonderful music and abundant humor.

The TAFF 2012 season included a film called Rogue Saints. This film is a light-hearted look at Christianity and how it can sometimes look to non -believers. There’s a fun scene where a guy who has lost his faith is trying to explain to another non-believer about the Holy Trinity. It’s hysterical. It had the audience guffawing. (Now there ‘s a funny word). But you know what? That film sold tons of copies. It won the TAFF Family Favorite Award and several more awards at three more Christian Film Fests. Why? Because it is very, very funny and it’s message is all about the Gospel. It’s silly. But it also has such a sweet spirit to it. The church family in this film is so endearing . . . and funny. As they help the two outsiders understand how much God loves them they gently fold these two young men into their church community. Does it get any better?

This year we have a sponsor who wants to create a Comedy Award. He is willing to put up good money for the film that wins this award. I had to tell him that we just don’t get very many comedies (we’ve had 2 submitted to date in almost 7 years) and that it will take awhile for filmmakers to catch on.

So . . . why aren’t there more Christian comedies? Why so few Rogue Saints-like films? We, here at TAFF, are issuing a challenge. To borrow from Field of Dreams, “If you make them, they will come.” So, come on Filmmakers. How about it? Are you in?

Jamee Kennedy

September Update for TAFF Funding

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funding-thermometerDear TAFF Supporters,

We appreciate your past support of TAFF. As you may be aware TAFF had a KICKSTARTER campaign going in August. The goal of this campaign was to raise money to fund TAFF 2014. Unfortunately, we did not reach our goal of $25,000. And therefore in order to have the fest, this means we are still needing to raise funds.

But there is still some good news. Since we are never an organization to put all our eggs in one basket, the TAFF funding team has raised just over $16,000 through private and corporate donations. And through careful money management we have an additional $4,000 of revenue to spend from last year. So we are at just over $20,000! This is very close to our target. Praise God!

As you have seen from your generous pledges of past Fests every single dime counts when funding TAFF. We humbly ask that you prayerfully consider supporting TAFF so we can have TAFF 2014. This money directly impacts whether we have TAFF 2014 or not.

To Donate by Check:

TAFF 2014
3203 Park Hills Dr
Austin TX 78746
(Please make checks payable to “TAFF” or “The Attic Film Fest”)

To Donate online:

Again we thank you for your faithful support and your willingness to help us spread the Gospel through film.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Jamee Kennedy


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thebutlerBy Jamee Kennedy
TAFF Executive Director

I have been on vacation so I have been remiss with keeping current on recently released films. Sorry bout that. But we do need rest around here. I finally was able to see Lee Daniels, The Butler last night at the Arbor. This seems to be the place to go to watch intelligent, thoughtful films that tell interesting stories. And this is exactly what The Butler does. This film is an engaging portrayal one of man’s gentle, sweet life, throughout racial oppression and suffering. When the film is over, you just want to hug him.

The audience follows the real life story of Cecil Gaines from the son of a slave on a cotton farm to beloved white house staff member. As young Cecil navigates through the brutal repression of the South, he learns how to be an invisible servant. And as he suffers through family turmoil and civil unrest, he becomes a gentle, calm voice of reason. As he nears retirement Cecil stands alone as the symbol of a generation of hard working black servants who ultimately change the hearts, minds, and souls of their white employers and the nation.

There are so many good things to say about this film. But the best thing, in my humble opinion, is Forrest Whitaker’s, Cecil and Oprah Winfrey’s performance of Cecil’s wife Gloria. But there are also are so many intriguing cameos. Liev Schreiber’s LBJ, and James Marsdan’s Kennedy in particular are spot on and, in Marsden’s case, heartbreaking. In fact, the entire cast is stellar. But I don’t want to spoil the film’s impact. You will have to experience it for yourself. And do yourself and your family a favor. Take your children to this film. Glean from it’s history and wisdom. This film has many worthy lessons to teach about having a servant’s heart, loving others first to the point of injury and death so that others may benefit and redemption for all.



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crossroad-blogThe Attic Film Festival held each Spring in Austin Tx, is one of a kind because its’ sole purpose is to showcase films with a message of hope, love and faith. The Festival inspires filmmakers to make uplifting films that will leave a positive imprint on world audiences and spread the gospel of Christ through innovative storytelling.

When we found out that CROSSROAD was an official selection of the Attic Film Festival this year, David Dginguerian, executive producer of the film and I decided to fly down to Austin, TX to represent the film. This would be a short two-day getaway trip from Los Angeles and a great opportunity to meet and network with other Christian filmmakers.

The festival was extremely well-organized and the staff was friendly and welcoming. We met Read more

TAFF 2013 Award Winners

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TAFF Announces the Award Winners for 2013

  • the-rideThe Ride
    Best Film, Best Short 10 Minutes and Over
    Best Directing (Dallas Jenkins)

    On Christmas Eve a bored taxi driver cautiously engages in the life of a despondent passenger. The film captures the redemptive lesson of the story of the prodigal son.
  • crossroadCrossroad
    Best Feature Film, Best Screenplay
    Best Performance (Philip Bulcock)

    Robie, an emotionally disturbed man, is the center of several people’s suffering. What will happen as those he has hurt plot and plan revenge? How does forgiveness and redemption fit into the lives of these very broken people?
  • rising-from-ashesRising From Ashes
    Best Documentary, Best Cinematography
    Two worlds collide when cycling legend Jock Boyer moves to Rwanda, Africa to help a group of struggling genocide survivors pursue their dream of a national cycling team. As they set out against impossible odds, both Jock and the team find new purpose as they rise from the ashes of their past.
  • jatku-leibaJatku Leiba (May Our Bread Always Last)
    Best Short Film Under 10 Minutes
    A single mother experiences brokenness and difficulty trying to raise her three children. Only when she thinks she has hit bottom is she reminded of hope.
  • head-over-heelsHead Over Heels
    Best Animated Film, Best Technical Achievement
    A husband and wife have grown apart over the years. He lives on the floor. She lives on the ceiling and their marriage hangs in the balance.
  • falling-platesFalling Plates
    Best Editing, TAFFY Award
    This beautifully photographed film tells the story of Christ’s love for man through images of sin, separation and sacrifice.
  • static-2Static
    Morgan Alana Taylor – Rising Star of Bethlehem
    A young girl struggles to reconnect with her astronaut father. As he soars through the atmosphere and orbits the Earth, she is reminded of his love for her.
  • jesus-freaksJesus Freaks
    The Great Commission Award
    This observational character driven doc is based on a young dynamic leader John Murphy and his school of 45 snow boarders (ages 17-25) as he guides them through a maze of spiritual transformation.
  • what-ifWhat If …
    The TAFF Family Award
    God gives Ben Miller, a high-powered business executive. a glimpse of his life had he taken another path. But it is up to Ben to decide which path he must ultimately take.
  • jumpshotKenny Sailors Jump Shot
    The Waymaker Award
    The inspiring life of Kenny Sailors, the inventor of the modern day Basketball jump shot is chronicled. But what Kenny truly values after reflecting upon his successful career may surprise you.
  • hiding-in-plain-sightHiding in Plain Sight
    Audience Favorite Award
    Darius and Josey Blackman struggle to keep their family safe and together after serious financial difficulties. After living in their car Darius’ once unshakeable faith begins to crumble. But God has plans for this little family.

TAFF and Manna Media Announce Waymaker Fund

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The way to God

A large part of TAFF’s mission is to support and empower talented Christian filmmakers to make the films God has called them to make. They often struggle with funding and support. In order to gather this support, filmmakers will often make a short film with the hopes of turning the same short into a longer version. In some cases, this never happens or It may take years to accomplish.

So, in light of this, TAFF is introducing the WAYMAKER FUND sponsored by MANNA MEDIA to this year’s fest.

This fund is to specifically help a deserving filmmaker turn their short film into a feature length. The recipient of this year’s fund will be announced Sat April 20th at 8:30pm at the Awards Presentation. Don’t miss it.

TAFF Talks 2013

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TAFF talks - degarmo

TAFF TALKS For Friday April 19th

RM 143

Hear the attending TAFF 2013 Nominated directors and producers discuss their experiences in the Christian Film Industry. Bring your questions! Should be really cool.

Main Auditorium

Director Clayton Miller
Join Director Clayton Miller as he discusses his journey making this incredible film. Bring your questions and stay for an audience reception afterwards.

TAFF TALKS For Saturday April 20th

RM 143

Lee Rothenflue
Join, Cut To Black, Founder, Filmmaker, and Editor, Lee Rothenflue in discussion on how editing can make or break a film. Bring your questions. This guy is the best!

12:00 noon
RM 143

Clayton Miller of Visionary Pictures
Chad Gundersen of Gundersen Entertainment
Clayton Miller (Director) and Chad Gunderson (Producer) will discuss their experience in the Christian Film industry and making Christian films. You do not want to miss this opportunity to meet these guys!
This wonderful film is on its way to a theatrical release soon.

1:00 pm
RM 143

Chris DeGarmo of Simplebulldog Studios and Global Short Film Network
Discuss strategies and ideas of how to use film as an evangelical tool. With Chris De Garmo of Global Short Film Network and Simplebulldog Studios.

RM 143

Philip Hohle, Assistant Professor of Film, at Concordia University
Philip will led discussion focusing on how students are the future of creating a Christian film industry that is inviting, entertaining, and tells the story of the Gospel.

RM 143

TAFF 101
TAFF Board
Have Questions about TAFF? Come get to know the some of the organizers of TAFF. Hear discussion on TAFF’s vision for the future of the Christian Film Industry in Austin and nationally.

RM 143

Pastor Jennifer Cumberbatch
Join actress, singer, and Pastor Jennifer Cumberbatch of Agape Church in a discussion on how the Arts can open doors to friendships, dialogue, and the Gospel.

Main Auditorium

Don’t miss the worship music beginning at 8:30pm, the Awards Presentation with Steve and Amy of Spirit 105.9 and then the 2013 Winning Filmmakers panel Q and A. This is your chance to get to know these fabulous filmmakers.

TAFF 2013 Nominations

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The nominees for TAFF 2013 are














This award will be determined by audience voting throughout the fest and announced at the Awards Presentation the evening of April 20th.


These awards will also be announced April 20th at our Awards Presentation.

TAFF Announces Selected Films for 2013

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TAFF Celebrates the Class of 2013


February 28th
The Attic Film Fest proudly announces the Following Films will be featured this year at the 2013 Festival to be held April 19th-20th.

  • Amasango – The Gates
  • Crossroad
  • Deditos – Los Hijos de Abraham (The Children of Abraham)
  • Eyes To See
  • Falling Plates
  • Fight
  • Finish Well
  • Harvest
  • Head Over Heels
  • Hero
  • Hiding In Plain Sight
  • Hita
  • In and Out Of Shadows
  • Jatku Leiba (May We Always Have Bread)
  • Jesus Freaks
  • Jump Shot
  • One On One
  • Paradise Palau: Discovering Paradise
  • Restless Heart
  • Rising From Ashes
  • Six Days
  • Smile
  • Sonny
  • Static
  • Stevie’s Trek To The Holy Land
  • The 2013 Texas Rally For Life
  • The Cure
  • The Five Stone Secret
  • The Flood
  • The Gift of the Magi
  • The Ride
  • The Testimony of Leonard Knight
  • Undaunted
  • Ugo Monye – The Cross
  • Walking On Water
  • What God Hath Wrought
  • What If . . .

TAFF Screens “Reconciliation” on February 9th

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The Attic Film Fest (TAFF), Austin’s own independent Christian film festival, brings you Reconciliation, a Clean Freak Production at Alamo Draft House, 2700 W Anderson Ln, from Noon – 3:00. Reconciliation won for Best Feature at TAFF 2012.

Synopsis: Grant Taylor (Eric Nenninger) has been troubled by intense childhood memories ever since his wife, Sara (Chelsey Crisp), gave him the exciting news…“You are going to be a dad!” As fatherhood nears, Grant privately wrestles with his embarrassment and anger toward his own father. His memories come to a head when Sara receives a call informing them that Grant’s dad, Jeff (Jack Maxwell), is terminally ill and his last wish is to see his son. With Sara’s encouragement, Grant reluctantly goes to see the man he disowned at his 10th birthday party, when he found out his father was gay. At the hospice, father and son confront the past as they come face to face for the first time in 16 years. Will Grant forgive his father for abandoning their family? Will Jeff forgive Grant for the hateful words he said years ago? What will it take to reconcile?

When & Where:
Saturday, February 9th, 2013
Doors Open 12:00 Noon – Show Runs – 12:15 PM to 2:15 PM
Alamo Draft House, 2700 W Anderson Ln, Austin, TX
Tickets & Info:
Tickets are $5.00
Food Service Available
TAFF Rating: PG-16 (for content including gay lifestyles, gay issues, and AIDS.)

About The Attic Film Fest – TAFF is a Christian film festival held each spring in Austin, TX whose mission is to support and empower Independent filmmakers to spread Christ’s message through film. TAFF will be held April 19-20, 2013. For more information, go to

About Reconciliation – “Reconciliation” is a groundbreaking, provocative story about an estranged father and son struggling to overcome the heartbreaking consequences of their past. This thought-provoking film of heartache and triumph will inspire you to love more deeply, seek forgiveness from people you have hurt, and forgive those who have hurt you. To learn more about the film please visit their website at:

TAFF Screens “Journey to Jamaa” on January 12

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Thanks to all who attended and helped us raise funds for over 100 Mosquito Nets, and 3 child sponsorships! What a great time we had!


The Attic Film Fest (TAFF), Austin’s own independent Christian film festival, and World Vision bring you Journey to Jamaa at Alamo Draft House, 2700 W Anderson Ln, from Noon – 3:00. Journey to Jamaa won awards for Best Short, Best Tech Achievement, Best Director (Michael Landon, Jr.) at TAFF 2012.

“Jamaa” is the powerful story inspired by true events of two Ugandan orphans who make an impossible journey across Uganda to find a new home. From Believe Pictures, and produced and directed by Michael Landon, Jr., and written and produced by Brian Bird, for the relief organization, World Vision.

When & Where:
Saturday, January 12, 2013
Screening Times – 12:15 PM and 1:30 PM
Alamo Draft House, 2700 W Anderson Ln, Austin, TX
Tickets & Info:
Tickets are free, but we are asking for donations to World Vision.
(NOTE: All Proceeds go to purchase Mosquito Nets.)
Food Service Available
TAFF Rating: PG-13 (for images of death from AIDS, mild peril of children.)

About The Attic Film Fest – TAFF is a Christian film festival held each spring in Austin, TX whose mission is to support and empower Independent filmmakers to spread Christ’s message through film. TAFF will be held April 19-20, 2013. For more information, go to

About Jamaa – “Jamaa” is the powerful story inspired by true events of two Ugandan orphans who make an impossible journey across Uganda to find a new home. From Believe Pictures, and produced and directed by Michael Landon, Jr., and written and produced by Brian Bird, for the relief organization, World Vision. To learn more about the film please visit their website at: